About us

David has had no formal training, but has a love and appreciation for wood that goes back to his first wood-turning experiences with his father. His work in 4-H gave him many more wood-working experiences also. It eventually led to being a leader of the wood-working group.

David's appreciation of wood is apparent in the work he does. Only one who knows and understands wood could bring out the best of each piece.
David has always done a fairly limited number of art shows. He now shows only in the 57th Street Art Fair, Chicago, (38 years) and the Madison Art Fair on the Square, WI,

His work is found in galleries around the US and in several collections including the Jacobson Collection, which toured the United States for a number of years.

David’s work has been featured in books on woodturnings including 500 Wood Bowls, published by Lark books. He also wrote an article on using the epoxy finish that was published in “Fine Wood Working” magazine.

Though his bowls are a beautiful piece of work to look at they are also functional. Much time is spent in polishing the glossy epoxy shine to a natural satin finish that protects the bowl but does not distract from the natural beauty of the wood.