Heirloom Bowls
by David Lory
wood bowls of unique grains
 In 1977, David Lory was one of the first two students to take part in a unique apprenticeship-type class offered at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. In this class, David taught himself how to make his unusually thin wood bowls.

Since that time, David and Suella Lory have been working as a team to produce a lovely and functional wood bowl.
lovely wedding gifts
durable, washable, satin finish
About Us
If you would like to purchase a bowl,e-mail us with a desired size range and/or price range.

Our bowls are sized by measuring across the top for the diameter and from the top edge of the bowl to the surface it is sitting on for the height.

I will then send pictures and prices of pieces we have on hand that are in the range you specified. If we do not have something suitable on hand , I can give an estimate of how long you might expect to wait before we would have something available.

Payment may be by check or credit card (Phone us. Do not send information in email.). Shipping is an additional charge- generally 30.00-40.00.